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Best thesis project of 2018 selected by The Union of Architects of Milan, Italy
Honorable mention for Michele Silvers Award 2018

The Detroit city layout plan circa 1807 has been the base of the project idea, offering a solution for urban-specific conditions on the site.  The building's displacement directly reflects the fulfillment of the city grid. It is connected to an urban fabric with two pedestrian suspended bridges, which also frames the site and creates the Public space between them. Space is defined by the strict sequence of grids from the existing boulevard. The project enhances this and brings the sequence into the site, offering continuity and context to the area. The paths and the suspended bridges are oriented towards the sea, enabling people to access the waterfront in the most direct way. The suspended bridges also ensure connecting the site to the city through the highway in a safe way. Therefore the Urban-specific decisions are directly translated into the buildings’ architecture.

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