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Shortlisted as a finalist

Centuries ago wild and strict conditions for a living gave medieval humans a new space to live and a new place to adapt, so firstly, it is logical to take a look at historical architectural facts and reuse the same technics for buildings nowadays, because who else but local people always know better how to live in composition with nature.  As our concept, we used almost the same technics which were used by local communities through all these years: Connection of the buildings through corridors symbolize and repeat the pattern of old Icelandic house built-in row because of better insulation and sustainability. Divided by different functions in each section of the building. with bold side to the north to stay against north winds and more open free space with windows to the south to let the natural lighting to the most of the day. Building characteristics are made by the composition of several blocks, differentiated by various functions and levels of the spaces. 

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