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Installation for the exhibition organized by co_atto in conjunction with Milan Design Week, Milan Art Week, and Walk-in-studio Spazi, at the Milan Porta Garibaldi railway station.

The idea of the project has developed through the careful questioning and observation of silence - briefly described as active, passive, objective, artificial, or natural. Our inspiration led us to silence manifested through nature and its forms. Our research on natural materials guides us to an object which was always here witnessing the developments and changes of nature and has always remained silent until it has been forced to be used. One of the main stages of human development is named after Stone Age when humans started to recognize and use this silent material as a tool for action - attacking, protecting, building, destroying, hiding, and living. Living In the Mountainous region of the Caucasus we are more than familiar with stones and rocks as an architectural element, since the 2nd millennium BC, the cities were carved inside the rocks and the towers were built by the stones.

In this period of human development were fascinated to present a natural element that has actually remained silent in the mountains of the Caucasus for centuries. Technological development gave us the possibility to present this stone for the exhibition in real scale and form - divided into two pieces as a representation of the human force Dismantling the silence. 
Exhibition materials represented:
10 layers of 2 plexiglass sheets, each 100cm x 60cm
3D scanned real solid rock - scale of 1 x 1.
Video and music.
All materials were presented and developed by ANDS.

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